Wax hair removal is effective not only remove excessive hair but also old skin particles to keep your skin clean and beautiful. By pulling the hair out of the root, growth of new hair slows down. New hair stands come out thinner so there is no ichiness or irritation that comes from shaving. Waxing is a safe way in many epilations. Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience Brazilian Wax in NAGOYA!!

*If you are treating hair by yourself, please let the hair grow to about 5mm before waxing. For Now First Time Brazilian Customers price is 3,900yen

Brazilian 7,500yen Navel Area 2,500yen
Bikini Line 4,500yen Full Arms 6,000yen
Under Arms 3,500yen Half Arms 3,800yen
Neck Area 3,500yen Full Legs 8,000yen
Back 6,300yen Half Legs 4,500yen
Lower Back 3,500yen Eye Brows 2,500yen
Buttocks 4,200yen Upper Lip 1,500yen
Chest 4,200yen Chin 1,500yen


Threading is a Middle Eastern form of hair removal. Threading is an acquired skill & one must lean from a trained professional.It is a fast,precise ,& a relatively painless procedure. Threading is in very high demand in other countries .But not so many esthecians are qualified to provide this service in Japan. Eyebrow Threading is a more presice, less painful form of hair removal. Which allows for better arching and more definded shaping. This method causes less irritation to the skin. While also keeping the shape longer with slower hair growth.

Eyebrow 2,500yen
Eyebrow & Upper Lip 3,500yen
Eyebrow & Forehead 3,500yen
Upper Lip 1,500yen
Forehead 1,500yen
Chin 1,500yen+
Full face 6,500yen

[Spray Tanning]

The tanning solution is airbrushed onto your skin by a skilled specialist, creating smooth and silky tan. The application is fast and easy. Spray tanning is not a dye. The primary ingredient in the tanning solution works  with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin without damaging your skin.

Spray Tanning (1session)  Light 7,700yen


Dark 13,200yen

Spray Tanning (2session) Light 13,200yen  


Dark 24,200yen              

[Eyelash Extensions]

Eyelash Extensions provide you with thicker, longer, luscious and natural looking eyelashes. They are applied one by one directly to your individual eyelashes. Celebrity Beyouce is also one of the biggest fun of Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash Extensions 


80 extensions   6,500yen 

100 extensions  7,500yen

120 extensions  8,500yen

140 extensions  9500yen

160 extension    10,500yen 

180 extension    11,500yen

[Nude Jewelry]

Nude Jewelry is the world’s first BodyDirect Jewelry which is made of 99.99% pure gold foil or pure platinum foil that is set directly on bare skin. The concept of Nudejewelry is fundamentally different from tattoo, which is practices by injecting ink into your skin. NudeJewelry does not damage your skin or cause any pain. You can enjoy its sheer luxury on your skin immediately.

Gold 5,000yen
Platinum 8,000yen
Bridal Design 65,000yen~

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